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Digitalization of the Order Flow



The new Herbi.IoT portal for planning and follow the execution is being launched for different environments.

Herbie.IoT (using BI with TOC &DDMRP Principles). We use it in Herbie.IoT for for digitization of the Order flow with IOT and BI tools.

We use it for planning and monitoring of performance in production environments on order (MTO-Management to Order), on stock (MTS-Management to Stock), on VMI (Vendor Management Inventory), on (MTA-Management to Availability).

The Portal can be used in different environments of Production, Supply chain, Measurements for Business Decision  with ThroughPut principles and New Bonus System for Employee.


The opportunities provided by Industry 4.0 can be used to achieve a competitive advantage in the field of order flow digitization using Business Intelligence (BI) and Internet of Things (IoT) tools. This makes it possible to create acquisitions that are very difficult to achieve with existing software packages (ERP) and advanced planning programs (APS), especially not in the environments of high interdependence, variability and limited capacity that prevail in current processes.

Herbie.IoT can be upgraded to most ERP systems and IoT Sensors to which Microsoft Power BI can connect.

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