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The Herbie.IoT-Mesurement program is a module for a comprehensive system of creating measurable business goals, real-time monitoring of achievements in the entire business process, with the possibility of upgrading with a dynamic stimulation system, which serves as an upgrade of the improvement process. Designing business decisions based on the “World of Throughput” (how much something contributes to me) enables fast and accurate business decisions and represents a connection between employees and management in achieving the company's goals. Companies manage Throughput growth, Throughput generation speed, Net Profit, productivity, inventory turnover, reliability and quality in a way that connects local campaigns with the company’s global goals to provide a competitive advantage in current markets where speed, responsiveness and reliability are essential. All this can be shown with the latest „Success curve“ or OME (Overall Management Efficienciy) or „Red Curve in TOC World.


Success Curve.png

Red Curve or OME (Over All Management Efficiency)

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