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Results in Production

  • Stabilize and improve manufacturing performance;

  • Use improved shortened lead times and more reliable delivery as a basis for attracting more profitable sales;

  • The introduction of principles and criteria that encourage employees to cooperate in order to achieve common goals;

  • Increase Sales, NP Profit and ROI.


Results in Supply Chain

  • Achieve 99% customer supply reliability;

  • Total reduction of all types of inventory;

  • Shortening the flow time of orders;

  • Shortening the production flow time;

  • Increasing flexibility;

  • Easier planning of supply chain, distribution and production.

Results with DDMRP

  • Increasing the level of customer service;

  •  Cost-effective inventory investment;

  • Optimized manufacturing, purchasing and distribution operations;

  • Increasing profitability;

  • Higher return on investment ROI.

Results in Projects

  • Reduction of product development time;

  • Reduction of project flow time;

  • Increasing the number of projects;

  • Less uncertainty regarding the completion date;

  • Easier planning, monitoring and subordination;

  • Motivated employees to cooperate in achieving common goals;

  • Using common sense even in a complex multi-project business environment;

  • More profit, more competitive advantage.

Grow Your Vision with Herbie.IoT

•Increased reliability for satisfied customers;

•Satisfied and engaged employees;

•Increase in productivity and competitiveness for satisfied owners.

The ThroughPut Measurements allow:

•Using criteria to shape decisions for real-time assessment of the impact of local actions on bottom line results;

•Synchronization of process management, with the management of bottlenecks and Constraints (also external);

•Real-time financial assessment of the flow of orders through the processes of production, projects, external or internal supply chain;

•Calculations of a new system of dynamic stimulation of Employees.

The bonus dynamic stimulation system ensures that:

•The system is fair and equal for all employees;

•Encouraged all employees to achieve the company's common goals;

•Distinguished those who contributed more to the common goal from those who did not.

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