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The Herbie.IoT-MTA (Management to Availability) program for various production and supply chain environments incorporates the principles of TOC (Theory of Constraints) and DDSCM (Demand Driven Supply Chain Management), which enable the connection, comprehensive monitoring, processing and visualization of order flow data, which includes processing in production processes, the flow of materials, parts and finished products, through all stages of production processes and supply chains, from order to shipment.

Built-in principles enable fast flow of orders with minimal inventory, through all processes of planning, execution of orders with Buffer Management of materials, parts and finished products, for different types of production and supply chains, by providing fast and accurate decision information.

It includes the necessary principles and software modules for different production environments, new planning and implementation principles that include bottleneck and / or constraint management with principles (DBR-Drum-Buffer-Rope), S-DBR (Simplified DBR) and BM (Buffer Management). The connection of these modules enables the provision of fast and accurate information for decision-making in complex production environments and supply chains, which enables the provision of an unavoidable offer to customers.

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