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Digitalization with HERBIE.IoT

A lot of people now discuss about Industry 4.0, the Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data and so on.. In this article I’ll try to just focus on area of planning and follow the execution of Operations, which is one of main area in process improvements and Represent a big Constraint in Management attention now.

If we follow at least small portion of That discussion Which promising a perfect forecasting algorithms expresses the hope that software would bring to us a big value.

To Avoid Mistakes That can be made along the way, as we have done in recent years, Both Because of the rigidity of the various ERP / MRP / MES systems and the way we work, When We believed the Promises to us, These systems Allow us to spend less time processing and administration (but  a lot of you know what it was and / or is, in Any particular state in These areas).

Also, we believe the Promises that advanced algorithms for scheduling production (APS) Will resolve our Problems in this area, unfortunately, in most Organizations, throughout this period just elapsed time, Which only Increased the belief that our customers, our habits, our Rules, our criteria subconsciously Recognize and take into account the existence of a Constraints that Prevent us on time to do the Necessary things in order to eliminate them.

Why IoT.png

But on the other side a lot of valid assumption behaind Implementing I 4.0 have a big Opportunity also to Promote TOC as main way in Managing Operations.

Part is  IoT, Which can help us a lot Easier to Adopt the power of TOC in Implementation, or in other words, it can reduce the threat of uncertainty and bring back the hope for truly optimal organizational performance.

Part of That Represent also TOC software which become in many environment also  constraints due to fact, That a Mainly all companies have installed ERP and That represent for Them, Instead of the big Contribution of TOC SW, additional obstacles (as second or one of add SW system) and bring the companies in Future an additional dependence of SW vendors.

Intemediate conclusion

We came to the Conclusion, with a lot of obstacles on That way, That this is one of very good direction in IoT and I 4.0, How to Adopt TOC.


We have also prepred ThroughPut Bilance Sheet and Throughput Measeure with »Success Cuve«, Which is connected with this  system Herbie.IoT.


As I can see after my very long years work with TOC and SW in implementing POOGI[1], I can first time see the way (at least for me) how I can very simply   show the way how TOC can become a main way of managing operation with close Cooperation with IoT.


[1] Process of Ongoing Improvements

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